Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

before and after - weight loss hypnosis

The above photos are of me just under 3 years apart.

During the time that the photo on the left was taken, I was off sick from work having recently been diagnosed with bipolar 2 and was being watched due to extreme suicidal thoughts.

The photo on the right is me at my healthiest. So what changed? I had to get honest with myself. There were many barriers holding me back from losing weight successfully and I would be in a constant cycle of obsessing about food and then binging

For me food was never the problem, food was the solution to all the problems underneath. I held many negative beliefs about myself, I did not value my health and my emotional attachment to food was beyond extreme.

Why choose Wiser Horizons?

As you can see from the photos above, I have been on my own weight loss journey and I understand just how debilitating it can be when you try and try again to lose weight only to end up bingeing on junk foods.

As well as being a weight loss specialist, I am also a personal trainer and as part of the service can help plan out an effective exercise program that suits your needs but also helps to burn a bit more weight each day.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Many people turn to hypnotherapy to help them lose weight as a last resort, having tried every diet going only to lose weight and put it straight back on. Stuck in a constant battle with yo-yo diets and a lack of willpower, many people believe that they simply will never lose weight. Does this sound similar to your story?

The truth is that we can all lose weight and losing weight, in theory, is very easy. Most diets require you to subscribe to a programme that requires some sort of deprivation, cutting out whole food groups that quite often has great results in the short term.

However, in the long term once the diet has ended, due to be unsustainable or because the target weight has been reached, nearly all people put the weight back on with some put on even more than they started with.

In order to not only lose weight but also keep it off requires changes in an individuals behaviours. The body is a reflection of an individuals lifestyle, their habits and what they will tolerate.

With hypnotherapy, we work with the mind to identify problem behaviours, limiting beliefs (that often lead to self-sabotage) and create a plan that is sustainable, healthy and requires no deprivation. To lose weight and keep it off requires a lifestyle change and with the right tools and strategies, it is remarkably easy.

If you are reading this today then you are looking to make a change. We specialise in last resorts and we have the tools that when applied lead to profound lasting change that is sustainable for life.

If you are ready to engage in a lifestyle change and reach the weight you know you deserve to be, invest in a program that will bring lasting change for a healthier, happier you! Contact us today for more information or book a complimentary telephone consultation.