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Stop Smoking

Many people want to stop smoking, it is one of the most common enquiries we get. The problem for smokers is that they believe that quitting is difficult. The truth is it can be, but when addressed properly it can also be completely simple. You could quit smoking today, this second without any consequence to your health and without any cravings.

With hypnotherapy, we have an 85% success rate for a reason. Our hypnosis protocol works with your own unique needs to make you identify as a non-smoker. Once we decide to make changes to our identity, change occurs in an instant.

So when you are ready to become a non-smoker get in touch for a free consultation. We would love to hear from you and assist you in giving up the smoking habit for good.

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

More and more people are turning to hypnotherapy to help them quit smoking. A single stop smoking hypnosis session can be all that is needed to put the habit to bed for good.

Many of those who have tried to quit before will have tried a range of different interventions. These include Nicotine replacement (gum, patches, sprays), medications or even just going cold turkey.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking doesn’t just work on taking away the cravings, it works by completely changing the behaviours that lead you to want to smoke in the first place. Hypnosis works by getting the unconscious mind working towards the goal of becoming a non-smoker and replacing the habit with positive alternatives.

Here at Wiser Horizons, we conduct the stop smoking hypnosis as a single two-hour session. We use a unique combined therapeutic approach of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to create an individualised plan to help you quit smoking for good.

The initial phone consultation is used to answer any questions you may have and to establish if now is the right time for you to stop. If it is then we will get you booked in as soon as possible in order to work off the momentum you have generated and help you make the changes you desire.

What happens during the Stop Smoking Hypnosis session?

Every behaviour starts with a positive intention. You may not think it, but when you first smoked a cigarette you were doing it for a good reason. It may have been to fit in with friends, to deal with stress or even just to rebel.

During our stop smoking hypnosis session we will explore:

  • the reasons behind why you smoke
  • how many cigarettes you smoke a day
  • how you know when to smoke
  • the perceived benefits of smoking for you
  • triggers that lead you to light up

Once we have established this information, we will be able to identify the areas that really need to be addressed in order to help you stop smoking for good. With focused questioning and an assortment of key NLP techniques, we can help you completely change the way you think about cigarettes at an unconscious level. We will explore the benefits that smoking gives to your life and generate positive alternatives that will serve you better. The session will focus on building on the positive aspects of not smoking and remaining a non-smoker.

How does Hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is quite simply a state of relaxation. In this relaxed state, your unconscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestions of change. These suggestions will be taken in by the unconscious and used as its default once the hypnosis session has concluded. The unconscious mind is the part of you that houses your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. When a situation occurs that requires a certain behaviour, for example, the unconscious mind will automatically choose the one that it has come to know as its default. For example: when you get into the car and light up a cigarette, your unconscious mind has associated getting into the car with smoking. Therefore you automatically feel like you need to smoke. Through hypnosis, we can change this and help the unconscious mind choose a different behaviour instead.

Once in hypnosis, we will suggest to your unconscious mind that you are no longer a smoker and shall remain a non-smoker from now on. We will also feed your unconscious mind with the agreed-upon alternatives to smoking that will help you to never smoke again.

Hypnotherapy is a rapid and effective method of giving the unconscious mind direct suggestions that better serve you, whereas NLP has a great range of tools that you can use at any time to help in difficult situations. We will teach you techniques such as anchoring, swish and future pacing.

Why choose our Stop Smoking Hypnosis protocol?

Unlike other methods used for smoking cessation, hypnosis is regarded as a highly effective option due to its immediate nature. A single 2-hour session can be all that is needed in order to help you become a non-smoker for good.

Additionally, there are no negative side effects to deal with when using hypnosis. The NLP techniques we teach can help you at any point if you feel like you might relapse or simply need a boost.

Does the Stop Smoking Hypnosis come with a guarantee?

No. As with any therapy, there is no guarantee of success and willpower and commitment are needed. We can report on an 80-85% success rate. The good thing about smoking is that it can be given up straight away without any negative effects on the body or mind.

In order to stop smoking, you need to be well motivated and ready to give 100%. Doing so makes the chances of quitting smoking very high. It would be unwise to come for hypnosis to stop smoking when you are dealing with a bereavement for example.

In order to get the most out of this, it is important that you actually want to quit and have the motivation to go through with it. There is no middle way with this therapy, you either want to quit or you don’t. Additionally, this is not a service that can be purchased by anyone other than the client.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Stop Smoking Info-graphic - Advantages of quitting smoking

Quitting smoking brings about a range of both short and long-term benefits to your health

FAQ regarding Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Q. Will I gain weight after the Stop Smoking Hypnosis?

A. People gain weight because of what they choose to eat. Often, those who have managed to quit with willpower alone have done so by replacing smoking with eating. The suggestions used throughout our hypnotherapy session are put in place to remove the addiction and replace it with positive alternatives. Examples of this include drinking more water or increasing the desire to exercise. The positive alternatives will be discussed during the session and will apply to you as an individual. This is not a trade-off from one addiction to another.

Q. Do you do a money back guarantee on your Stop Smoking Hypnosis?

A. No, we don’t, which is why it is important that you really want to stop. With any therapy, there is no guarantee of success. However, our stop smoking hypnosis session has an 80-85% success rate, which we think is a very good indication. As long as you can guarantee you will bring a full commitment to making the change, we guarantee we will give you 100% of our effort and support. The £175 charged reflects the work that goes into the hypnosis session and also acts as an incentive for you to give it your all. Knowing that you will get your money back if it doesn’t work reduces the motivation because if it doesn’t work then you haven’t lost anything. However, if you are committed and know you will be investing £175 in your health then you will be much more motivated to get a result.

Q. I have tried hypnotherapy to quit before but it didn’t work. Does that mean it never will?

A. There are many reasons why a previous stop smoking hypnosis session may not have given you the results you hoped for. It may be that your motivation to quit wasn’t quite as high as you thought, it might be that you didn’t click with the hypnotherapist, or it might be that it worked initially but then other factors that were not addressed during the session caused you to relapse. Just because you have had it before, doesn’t mean it will never work. There are some questions that you can ask yourself in regards to your motivation to quit.

  1. When do I smoke and how do I know when I need to smoke?
  2. Will stopping smoking affect any other part of my life (Example: social life) and how can I modify this so that it doesn’t?
  3. Why do I smoke and what alternatives could I use instead of going straight to a cigarette?

If you are concerned about whether it will work for you then please feel free to call Ed on 07921 220557. We will happily answer any questions you may have.

Side effects of smoking

Smoking brings about many negative side effects. These include:

  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increases the thickness of blood – increasing the chances of clots forming
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Increased risk of stroke (50% higher than a non-smoker)
  • Reduced fertility

Facts about smoking (UK)

  • 28% of all cancers are caused by smoking making it the biggest cause of cancer in the UK
  • 474,000 people were admitted to hospital in 2015/16 due to smoking
  • In 2015, 79,000 deaths were attributed to smoking. This accounts for 16% of all deaths in that year
  • 5% of adults aged 18+ currently smoke
  • 36% of all deaths caused by respiratory diseases attributed to smoking

More information can be found at on smoking

The average cost of smoking

The most commonly purchased cigarettes currently smoked in the UK are a 20 pack of king-sized cigarettes. A pack of 20 currently costs in the region of £9.18. If you smoke 20 a day, for example, that works out at:

  • £64.26 per week
  • £257.04 per month
  • £3,083.48 per year

Just imagine what you could do with that extra money as well as a healthier body and mind. Choose our stop smoking hypnosis session today and see how far your new-found health and wealth will take you.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis: Something to think about

Smokers commonly state that smoking helps them de-stress. However, smoking actually increases your heart rate, agitates the nervous system, increases blood pressure and releases the hormone responsible for stress. All of these actually cause stress! In actuality, it is not smoking that allows you to de-stress, it is the ability to leave the situation, breath deeply and distract yourself that causes stress to alleviate.