Relaxation hypnosis


Imagine just being able to sink deeply into your favourite chair. Feeling your body sinking heavily into the fabric, taking the weight of the world off you as you begin to relax and unwind.

Sometimes, we just want to relax. We just want to experience a deep level of relaxation.

In the modern world, stress levels are constantly on the rise and many of us don’t get the chance to relax.

Yet the benefits of finding a few minutes to relax both the body and the mind are staggering.

It is even more amazing how many patients that we see, for a number of different conditions, comment on just how relaxed they feel afterwards.

They say they haven’t relaxed that deeply for a long time. For some, the simple act of relaxation is all that is needed to deal with their issues.

So when thinking about ways to relax, hypnotherapy is a great option.

Hypnosis is a state of focused relaxation. In this state, both the body and the mind get a chance to fully relax.

There are many things within hypnosis that can be done to help you relax:

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Installation of a favourite place of relaxation
  • Breathing techniques and exercises
  • Suggestions and visualisations for relaxation
  • The teaching of self-hypnosis