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Anxiety Relief

If anxiety is taking over your life, you are not alone. You are also not doomed to suffer. Anxiety is a condition of the nervous system and created through associations, beliefs and perceptions.

We all experience anxiety from time to time and in certain situations, it can be very useful. It is a normal internal response, but when it starts to spiral and interrupts everyday life it can be incredibly difficult to live with. Whereas stress is a response to external factors that are found in all areas of our lives, anxiety is an internal response linked to either memories from the past or an imagined future.

There are triggers that the brain has identified over the years for one reason or another that we do not have to be consciously aware of. This is why anxiety can often spring upon an individual for no noticeable reason. Everyone experiences anxiety differently and identifying the reasons behind an individuals anxiety can help them take back control.

If you are reading this now then it’s safe to assume that you have been struggling with anxiety or have a loved one who is struggling. Clinical Hypnotherapy for anxiety helps to identify the triggers, calms the nervous system (where anxiety takes control), relaxes the body and mind, and offers tools and strategies to put anxiety firmly in the past.

What is anxiety and how does it develop?

Anxiety is defined as a psychological issue where an individual has feelings of fear and unease. Usually, it develops either through past experiences that were perceived as a threat or by learning the fear response from a significant family member during the early developmental years.

Anxiety varies in its severity. Some people only experience very mild anxiety whereas others experience anxiety that is so severe that it can have a negative impact on their life. Hypnotherapy for anxiety is a great tool for learning to control feelings of anxiousness, bring calm and control back to your life, and overcome your issue once and for all.

Anxiety is brought on by either fear of something that has happened, or by a fear of what an individual imagines might happen in a given situation. Whilst anxiety is a normal response to a stressful situation and experienced in a mild form by most people, when the level is severe it can have a devastating impact on day to day life.

Anxiety disorders can lead individuals to avoid certain situations for fear that it may trigger a panic attack. As a result, normal life can be incredibly difficult and can cause the individual to miss out on opportunities in all areas of their life. If you are suffering from anxiety, it is important to you remember that you are not alone in how you feel and that it can get better.

Anxiety Treatment

Whether you are suffering from anxiety leading up to an upcoming event (interview, exams, presentations, etc) or feeling like your anxiety is taking over your life, hypnosis can help.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety works by retraining your mind on how to react to certain situations. When you come for hypnotherapy, we will start off by helping you achieve a relaxed state. Relaxation and anxiety are two incompatible states. By teaching you to feel relaxed, we are teaching you how not to be anxious. We can do this by teaching you self hypnosis, which is something that you can use anytime you want to experience deep relaxation and feelings of confidence.

We will explore the negative and unhelpful thoughts that automatically cause you to feel anxious. As part of our hypnotherapy session, we will use direct positive suggestions to correct those thoughts and boost up your levels of self-confidence.

A technique known as anchoring allows you to recall a relaxed state whenever you need it. By teaching you relaxation techniques. you will find that your general anxiety levels drop as well as tension within your body.

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