Fear of Flying

Hypnotherapy to overcome Aerophobia

Aeroplane with people boarding - fear of flying

Systematic Desensitisation is utilised to help an individual overcome their fear of flying for good!

The world is now more accessible that it has ever been, with flights now travelling to even the most remote parts of the earth. Long gone are the days where a holiday involved a 10 hour drive down to coast. But for an individual with a fear or flying (aerophobia) even the thought of booking a holiday can be debilitating. Hypnotherapy alongside a range of NLP techniques can help to overcome this fear for good.

How can hypnotherapy help you get over your fear of flying?

Hypnotherapy utilises relaxation and the imagination to communicate with the unconscious mind (the part that houses thoughts, feelings and behaviours). As the human brain can not tell the difference between something that has happened and something that has been vividly imagined, a fear/phobia can be overcome without ever having to be put into a situation that causes anxiety.

When an individual is put in a situation with the stimulus that causes the phobia, they will react with the fight/flight response and try and get away as soon as possible. However, if the individual were to wait then their anxiety would peak and then become to come back down. As the anxiety comes back down, the individual realises that the stimulus that causes the phobia response isn’t as bad as they believed. Utilising hypnotherapy, the individual can face situations in their mind (in the safety or the therapy room) allowing the anxiety to pass and reprogramming the unconscious to feel calm instead.

How are the fear of flying sessions planned out?

Session one: Getting to know you, taking a detailed history, creating a scale of anxiety evoking responses in relation to your phobia (Known as a SUD scale)

Session two: Working through the created SUD scale from session one utilising hypnosis to help reprogram the unconscious mind to respond with calm in each situation.

Session three: See what success has come about after the first two sessions, continue the SUD scale if necessary, teach you techniques to bring back calm whenever it is needed


Conducted the day before the flight in back to back sessions:

I just wanted to let you know that yesterday was incredible! I wouldn’t have believed how calm I was compared to usual – to the point that I helped another fearful flyer across the aisle by talking to her all through the landing, whereas I would normally be clinging on to my husband and son’s hands. Can’t thank you enough. Ashleigh


Our fear of flying treatment programme is a three session process. We ask that you budget your time and money for this many sessions. Each session is charged at £60 for 60 minutes. Consider this an investment in yourself, you can overcome your fear of flying not just for your next flight, but for the rest of your life!


We work out of the Brewood Therapy Centre. This can be found at number 3 Church Road in Brewood. There is plenty of free parking in Brewood.

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