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Exam Stress

Learning to feel calm with Hypnotherapy

Everyone will at some point in their life be faced with an exam or test they must sit. There is simply no avoiding it. For some, the thought of sitting an exam can be overwhelmingly stressful and the anxiety that builds up before hand can be crippling. Many people will be able to recall an exam they were particularly stressed out about. Before an exam, our body and mind react in different ways with many of us experiencing butterflies in the stomach or sweaty hands. However, this isn’t something that you have to live with and it can be overcome. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective tool for teaching the unconscious mind to feel relaxed and calm leading up to and taking the exam instead of feeling anxious. Exam stress hypnosis may just be the best method of making that anxiety a thing of the past.

Feeling stressed before an exam can be a good thing with many individuals using it to motivate themselves to revise hard and do their best. But for some, it can greatly hinder their progress.

Exam Stress reduced by Hypnosis and NLP 

Hypnotherapy is a common tool for helping individuals deal with exam stress for a number of reasons. Hypnosis promotes confidence and anxiety reduction, two key areas in building up a more resilient approach to exams. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques can help to bring back calm and focused feelings in an instant to help during an exam or in any situation that can bring about overwhelming panic.

Hypnotherapy sessions are based around visualisation and the power of suggestion. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation whereby the unconscious mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions of change. Their suggestions can help to reduce stress, increase focus and concentration, and boost memory. Self-hypnosis is also a tool that can be taught to anyone to help them relax before an important exam.

Who can benefit from exam stress hypnotherapy?

Exam stress can affect just about anyone and in the modern world, exams are more commonplace than ever. People from all walks of life and all age groups can benefit from hypnotherapy to help them calm their exam nerves and increase focus. Hypnosis for exam stress can also help to deal with feelings of failure (there is no failure, only feedback).

What to expect from the sessions?

The first session will centre around getting to know you, your background, how you react to different situations as well as teaching some appropriate techniques. This initial fact-finding is vital to find out how you as an individual react to exam stress and allow our hypnotherapists to identify the areas that need to be worked on. A short exam stress hypnosis may also be conducted to help with relaxation.

For some individuals, a single session may be all that is needed. Others may require more. This will be discussed with you and a plan will be formulated that you can agree on and believe in.