Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Smoking Cessation

Number of sessions: 1

I would also like to say thank you as I’m now over 3 weeks as a non-smoker and it’s been a lot less challenging than previous occasions. The urges have been fewer and the anger has been a lot less.

I would and have personally recommended you to friends and family. Paul

Fear of Flying

Number of sessions: 1 (Top Up)

Hi Ed.

Today we took the flight to the North of Iceland to Akuyeri on the smaller plane. I just wanted to tell you that I actually enjoyed it! I can’t believe I can even say that! I was fine on the flight to Keflavik too from the UK.

Hypnotherapy has made such a difference to my life, enabling me to have these wonderful adventures with my family and I am hugely grateful to you. Ashleigh

Health Anxiety

Number of sessions: 2

Thank you for your help recently. You’ve really helped me get on the path to a more positive mind set and I greatly appreciate it. I’ll be sure to recommend you to friends and family if they ever find themselves in a similar position to me.  Its great to feel like me again. Thank you! Emma


Number of sessions: 5

Ed is easy to talk to about any problems however large or small. Ed has obviously been well-trained but I found him refreshing as he has overcome his own problems. Because of this, he was able to relate to my problems better than any counsellor I have had over many years and I have had many.

His relaxation hypnosis takes the weight off my shoulders. I feel so relaxed and refreshed afterwards. Ed went out of his way to make 3 tailored recordings for my personal needs. These are invaluable and this has helped me to reduce my medication for the first time in 30 years. Helen


Number of sessions: 3

Hi Ed. I know I sent you a text but I wanted to get you a card as well. So a huge thank you for giving me strength, hope and above all your non-judgement approach. You have a unique ability to guide people to look at themselves in order to move forward (your honesty helps too). Shauna

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Work completed with her mother on a range of issues relating to her health. Number of sessions: 3

Edward is so professional. Would trust him with any age group. Need help this is the person to talk to. Thank you Edward. Mandy

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