Addictions hypnosis


Addiction is a troubling word. It comes with its own layer of stigma and is often associated with those struggling with drugs and alcohol.

However, we can become addicted to almost anything! Nearly all of us are addicts in some way or another.

Many of us are addicted to food, social media, gaming, our smartphones, likes, smoking, pornography, etc. The list goes on an on.

But behind any addictive behaviour is a positive intention.

But being an addict doesn’t make you a bad person. Anyone struggling with an addiction does so for many reasons.

The addict’s behaviour serves a purpose that once was positive for the addict.

Once we understand the reasons behind addiction, it becomes much easier to not only to overcome it but to beat it for life.

If you are struggling with an addiction then you are certainly not alone. Do not feel ashamed, do not stigmatise against yourself.

Reaching out for support is one of the most difficult but important things that you can do. I have struggled with my own addictions in the past and understand how much addiction can destroy your life.

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If you are struggling with an addiction, then hypnotherapy might be the answer for you. We have had great success helping others overcome their addictions to alcohol, cocaine, pornography, sex and many more.

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