About Me

Hello, my name is Edward Rogers. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Wiser Horizons.

My Story

In 2015, I had been forced to leave a career I loved due to severe mental health issues, was struggling with a binge eating disorder, was classed as obese and had attempted suicide.

I had tried everything to get help. I had been sent for every therapy going (available on the NHS), been walked out on by the crisis team during a crisis, been told by my assigned mental health nurse to have a shower because I smelt (on my birthday) and been on every SSRI and SNRI out there. There are two things however that did help and both happened by accident.

The first was that I went for hypnotherapy and the second was that I started going to the gym.

I’ve lived the weight loss journey and overcome the mental barriers that kept me in a state of self sabotage. My time as a therapist has been dedicated to learning about the inner workings of both the mind and the brain and I have amassed an arsenal of tools and strategies that can help me make them both work for you.

I trained in both of the disciplines that helped keep me alive and now use my skills to help others who are struggling.


Email: erogers@wiserhorizons.co.uk

Phone: 07921 220557

Alternatively, go to the contact page in the menu at the top of the page and fill in the online form. I will get back to you asap.