The 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge

In theory losing weight is easy. It is not a complicated process. Each day we need a certain amount of energy (measured in calories) in order to go about our daily tasks. If you consume less energy that your body is using consistently do so then you will lose weight.

Many of us when we decide it's time to lose weight head straight to the gym, go on drastic diets and lose all willpower within a few days heading back to our old behaviours.

We do not tackle the weight loss journey correctly.

We overestimate what we can achieve in a week, but drastically underestimate what we can achieve in 12.

There are a lot of factors that come in to play when losing weight. It's not just about getting more exercise. Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle. If you are not happy in your body then it is a lifestyle change that is in order.

There are no quick fixes! The 3 key elements of any body transformation are consistency, sustainability and patience.

Consistency, Sustainability, Patience

Consistency - We have to remain consistent. Change comes down to the changes that we implement and practice each and everyday. This transformation challenge isn't a quick fix and isn't about going back to your old behaviours at the end. The programme works to help change your lifestyle so that at the end of the 12 weeks you can either continue to transform or effortlessly maintain.

Sustainability - So many of us go on drastic diets or push too hard at the gym when we want to lose weight. The result? We burnout. Nutrition and exercise are the key elements within any lifestyle change and nutrition takes up 80% of the work. In order to succeed we need a plan of action for both areas that is sustainable. This will vary from person to person. For example, It's all very well trying intermittent fasting but if you can't go long periods of the day without eating then this isn't sustainable. Conversely, if you prefer to eat later in the day and fewer meals then 6 meals a day probably won't be sustainable for you. We help you find the right plan for you!

Patience - This takes time. In a single week you won't see any changes except maybe on the scales. It can take up to 4 weeks to see changes in your body. But in 12 weeks time you will notice the difference. We help you track your progress and keep you on track to achieve your goal.

Think of it like this, if you lived to the ripe old age of 80, then the next 12 weeks represents only 0.2% of your lifespan. How will your life change physically, mentally and emotionally when you commit to the challenge?

The next 12 weeks are going to pass anyway, so why not commit to making this a time of change?

My Promise

Taking a 12 week challenge is a commitment that will tax you mentally, physically and emotionally. My job is to keep you on track and help you stay accountable, altering your plan when needed to make sure you head towards a successful outcome.

  • 1

    Personalised Training Plan

    What works for one person may not work for another. I create a personalised programme that takes into consideration the days and times you can workout as well as what will push you towards success without burning you out.

  • 2

    Nutrition Advice

    80% of what you will need to work on is your diet. However, nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. I strip it back to the basics and help you plan out your week to help you stay on track.

  • 3

    One to One Training Sessions

    You will complete either one or two 1 hour workouts each week with me. Or why not take on this challenge with a friend and spread the cost?

  • 4

    Weekly Check Ins

    Accountability and alterations. It can help to have someone to hold you accountable and that is exactly what I will do. In addition, each week I will alter the programme if necessary to build off your success and keep you heading towards your goal.

  • 5


    The secret to lifelong change is in changing your behaviours. I will give you the tools to change unwanted behaviours and help you move towards that happier healthier you.


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